Mōno means "things" in Japanese. We incorporate one-of-a-kind, vintage and antique Japanese textiles into beautiful everyday items to wear and display. A playful mix of modern and traditional with the focus on artful Japanese fabrics. Full kimonos, yukata, haori and mitchiyuki are also available and will change from time to time as supplies last. 


We embrace the age and history of our vintage fabrics and sometimes that means they aren't perfect. While we try to keep rips and stains away from the main focus of our pieces, sometimes you may see some flaws. This should be embraced and accepted as part of the character of these one-of-a-kind textiles. Chances are, no one but you will really notice...


My love of Japanese textiles began after moving to Tokyo when I was 11 years old. My mother, a passionate shopper and collector, was already drawn to Japanese porcelain dishes before our family moved to Tokyo. After we moved there I guess you could say her interests expanded... Over the next 5 years she began collecting vintage and antique Japanese kimonos and textiles and scraps at every shop, sale and fair you could imagine. She loved learning and sharing the stories behind all of the meticulous techniques for making these unique, delicate, yet ornate fabrics, and her heart broke every time she was told how some of those techniques were a dying art. 

My mother's dream was always to open a shop and share with others the beauty of Japanese goods. 

Fast forward to several other moves following my father's career, and another 5 years in Japan, life's demands kept my mother from sharing her collection with a line of her own. That's when she entrusted me to bring Mōno to life. (Sure I had to work almost 10 years at a textile company and 10 more working in the interior design industry, but who's counting...)

Mōno is truly a look into the design aesthetic that speaks to us the most- artful, playful, happy, luxurious, and unique. We hope our collection finds its way into your home and in small way brings you the same joy we experienced in our time in Japan. 

All items are made with love in Canada.